Heart Frame Diffraction Rave Glasses

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  • We all need a little bit more love in this world, don't we.
  • AMAZING diffraction effect! Just put your glasses on and allow them to take you to an optical wonderland of rainbow prisms and epic added visual trippiness. Definitely a fun enhancer!
  • Built to Perform and Built to Last- top quality diffraction lenses, tough and impact resistant, hand sorted to ensure quality.
  • Great conversation starter; your friends will love them too, but not as much as you. These glasses will become your baby you'll bring to many many raves, concerts, parties, fireworks viewings, and festivals for years to come!

Don't love it? We'll cry but we have a no hassle, no stress 30 day return policy!

*Depending on demand, please allow 3-25 business days to receive your awesome order. Multi-item orders may come in multiple packages.  Hassle Free Return--100% Satisfaction Guarenteed